The Easiest Way to Find Restaurants near You

Are you on a road journey and looking for some restaurants close to you that will also let you try out the local cuisine? Then why not check your mobile app to find out about the popular eateries in the locality.

This is the best way to find out about dine-ins that serves the best food in a new place. The other option would, however, be to ask the localities about the specialty restaurants in the area.

Try the local food

Travelling is a great way to know about the place and the specialty food about a place lets you know about the culture and the tradition of the place.My fafo and other websites let you do an online search that gives you suggestions and reviews about a particular restaurant that is located close to where you are. You could then visit the restaurant’s website and this will let you know about the price and also give you access to the detailed menu.

Ask the local people

Another interesting way is to meet a few people from the city and let them know that you do not form the city but would like some suggestions on the best place to eat in the city. Most of them would be glad to help and be proud of the popular restaurants that serve the local cuisines in the city. Gather some reviews and who knows some of them may also have a contact with the restaurant owner that could let you grab a discount?

Technology has made it easy to find out anything that you need. Be it a restaurant or a hotel or any other information about a place. However, if you need to eat at a place that is very local and homely then the local folks could be the best help.

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Why Travelling Can Be So Stressful

Travelling is fun and for many travelling and going to a new place is a hobby. However, few people find many things that are very stressful about travelling. So, what are the things that one finds tedious while travelling?

  1. Getting to the destination – Everyone who is travelling must cross this obvious hurdle. Getting to the airport or the station can be stressful, especially when travelling with the entire family and kids. There are so many things to do such as planning the itinerary, getting the tickets printed, being careful with passports and packing bags for all. All this might even result in forgetfulness and might even push you to do things in a hurry. The tip here is to plan and start doing things early and systematically.
  2. Baggage – Luggage forms a crucial part in any travel. Travelling with excess and poor quality or defective baggage will only land you in trouble. Hence, keep in mind to travel light and use only luggage of superior quality while travelling. Check out the various types available from a quality luggage guide.
  3. Staff – At times, you might have to encounter incidents where you have to meet unpleasant, unprofessional, foul-mouthed and slow functioning staffs, which only adds to the on-going stress in your travel.
  4. Crowds and amenities – With the population on the rise, crowds are common almost everywhere – the market, theatre and obviously airports and stations. Wading through the crowd and having to put up with poorly designed infrastructures at certain places only add fuel to the burning fire. Moreover not everywhere are the waiting rooms and restrooms well equipped and comfortable enough to sit or rest, while waiting for the commute, though a few even charge the passengers for availing the facilities.
  5. Food and drinks – Obviously, it is not feasible to carry food and water everywhere you travel. Despite this known fact, what adds to the stress is that the cost of food and beverages at the airports and stations that are sky high, whereas the quality might let you down totally.
  6. Delays – What is worse than meeting with delays? Everything that you have planned goes haywire. Hence, while planning your trip, never make a tight-packed schedule. Rather, be prepared for certain unexpected delays.

Though all these things might make you want to not-travel, proper planning can help you overcome some amount of difficulties you might have to face during your travel.

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Best motorhome friendly cities in Europe

I like how campervans are so useful for road trips – you can eat, sleep and refresh as and when you please without waiting for a hotel or designated camping sites. The freedom to sleep under the stars and not miss a sunrise is like the icing on the cake.

Europe is probably one of the most motorhome friendly continents on the planet. The beautiful network of roads, the diversity of culture, cuisine, and language and the seamless transition between beautiful beaches to mountains is something that the avid traveler must not miss.

Most of the motorhome parking sites are close to the cities in all European nations providing you with ample opportunities to explore the city and absorb the sights and smells of the land. Even all highways are built to accommodate large vehicles.


One of the most motorhome friendly Scandinavian countries, Norway offers several options for motorhome travelers because the distance between traditional lodging sites is more and there is an abundance of nature. Some of the famed cities are:

  • Lillehammer
  • Fagernes
  • Randsverk


Endowed with rich culture, heritage, and mesmerizing beauty and awe-inspiring monuments the cities that you shouldn’t miss are:

  • Bavaria
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich and Frankfurt

In fact, it is ideal to rent a motorhome in Germany and travel across Europe as it is less expensive there.


Windmills, tulips, cheese,pottery, and canals will make you fall in love with Holland. You can park your motorhomes for free in the Dutch Aires. Most of the sites are located close to the rivers and canals.

  • Amsterdam


The land of vineyards and caviar and fashion needs several motorhome vacations because it is impossible to cover the country on one trip. A vast network of Aires de Service can be found all across the rivers, lakes, and mountains. The smallest of towns and cities are equipped for motorhome stays. All these places have the required facilities for dumping your waste water and rubbish and filling up fresh water. You can park your motorhomes even in Paris you know.

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Choose Your Sandal Carefully

Nothing beats the heat of the summers when you wear comfortable sandals. Be it for function or fashion, sandals are a great way to keep the feet cool on a hot day. However, it is important to know that not all the sandals are equal. Some are there only for fashion and they end up leaving your feet aching and tired. It is important that the sandals that you buy are not poorly designed or ill-fitting. These sandals end up leaving blisters and soreness on your feet.

My wife got me very comfortable walking sandals from here. These sandals combine style and function and keep the feet protected. They are also cushioned which makes them comfortable to wear. The sandals are durable and sturdy and flexible that allows the feet to move easily

Most people head outdoors to have fun or exercise. Sunny day’s means hiking, picnic in the park, beach trips and weddings and this needs a comfortable pair of shoes. Those who prefer to wear sandals over other types of footwear should know that there are sandals designed for almost any type of summer activity.

It is important to know the different kinds of sandals and the features of them

Hiking sandals – these have rugged soles and straps that conch on the foot

Water sandals – these are water resistant and light weight and they protect your feet when you are doing any activity

Fashion sandals – they do not offer any real protection but are dressy and can be worn to weddings and lunches

There are a number of sandals available and shopping for the comfortable sandals can be a very confusing task. The sandals are designed for a specific type of activity and there are sandals in various colours and materials. It is thus important that you buy a pair of sandals that gives the correct amount of protection but at the same time it does not compromise on style.

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Applying For Vietnam Visa At The Vietnam Embassy

When you apply for Vietnam Visa USA citizens can access mail. It takes around 5 business days for the task to get over. The cost is around $100 and the steps are easy to follow. This article will give you a detailed outline of all the steps involved in applying for the visa.
1. The Vietnamese Embassy does not publish its fees on its website. This is why you need to begin by emailing them personally. You can also call them at the numbers 202-861-0737. This will help you to get an estimate price for the type of visa that you might require. There could be several versions of a type of visa. For example, a tourist visa could be of:

• Single entry for 30 days
• Multiple entry for 30 days
• Single entry for 90 days
• Multiple entry for 90 days

2. The next step is to visit the main visa application page.
3. Here you will need to indicate the purpose of your entry that should ideally be Tourism.
4. Once you are done with the form, you need to print it and attach a recent passport size photo along with the application.
5. The next step is to confirm that your passport will have a minimum validity of 6 months after your planned departure date from Vietnam. You should ideally make a copy of your passport before you mail it off.
6. You can pay by using a money order or a cashier’s check for the total price to be paid.
The Pros and The Cons
The biggest advantage of using this system is the fact that you do not need to appear in person to get the job done. The time taken is also not too much.
The disadvantage is the fact that you will have to mail your passport to the Vietnam Embassy that will incur expenses.

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Top 5 Beaches in the East

When it comes to beaches in East Asia, it’s hard to be able to narrow the choice down to five. There’s so many of them that have white golden beaches with palm trees that border an endless blue pacific ocean. With many of them peaking During november through to April, it makes for a perfect winter getaway. Allowing you to escape those miserable winter months for something a little like paradise.

A site that I use when i go to the east every year is This will help you find a villa in koh samui, an apartment in singapore or a hostel in helsinki. They have a large range of places to rent so you’re sure to find something.

Anyway, without further adieu, my top five beaches in East Asia

1) Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman and Nicobar Island
The seas that surround this beach are beautifully clear, warm and are teeming with wildlife. This makes it a great place for scuba divers and it’s quickly making itself known for just that

2) White Beach, Boracay, Aklan Province
The island that this beach belongs to, Boracay, is only 4.5 miles long. The three beaches on the island offer different strengths. I chose white beach not only because of its pure white sand, but also because the best sun sets on the island are seen here

3) Ngapali Beach, Ngapali, Myanmar
This three kilometre beach is as close as you can get to isolated paradise you can get. It’s remote location means that you will not find any vendors and the other people there are few and far between

4) Nai Harn Beach, Rawai, Thailand
It takes a little bit of finding, but once you’ve managed to locate this beach, it will be all the more worth it. Trust me on this one

5) Agonda Beach, India
Our only beach located in India. People have called this place a great place to visit for sun worship, meditation and relaxing. Away from the swarms of people, you’ll find it harder to find a place to relax as much

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