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  Taking Southern part of Kyrgyzstan bordering China and Uzbekistan Osh region is laying on the crossroad of cultures, climates, reliefs and civilisations. It is the most inhabited region of the country with rich historical and cultural inheritance which results in orientally wise community traditions, farming secrets, picturesque architecture, rich history and delicious cuisine.

  First people existed here about 500 thousand years ago what is prooved by stone tools which were discovered in Sol-Unkur cave. Led, copper and mercury were mined here already in first millennium. Later, during various periods Osh Region was a part of large and powerful states: Davan, Kushan and Karakhanid Khannate which encounted hundreds of cities with extended culture. A number of historical sights are spread through the area and most of them are real treasure for history lovers.

  Southern part of the region is taken by Pamir-Alay mountaings - excellent trekking and mountaineering area. The world's easiest-to-climb peak over 7000 meters (23000 ft) is located here and still called Lenin peak. It might be also the cheapest ascent of that altitude as you can order a guided ascent program starting from € 500.

  Major non-industrial income of the region is cotton grown on the huge territories and some silk, fruit and vegetables.

  The unique historical museum located in natural cave of Sulaiman-Too mountain in Osh that everybody just has to visit. Along with spectacular interior it has a good collection of ancient exhibits.

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