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  Issyk-Kul region is a recreational center of Kyrgyzstan with a concentration of natural, historical and cultural sights along with nice resorts and a beautiful mountain lake Issyk-Kul. The lake is surrounded by high mountains which are also a natural relief borders with Kazakhstan in the North and China in South.

  Central Tien-Shan mountains; Terskey Ala-Too and Ak-Shiyrak has an abundance of trekking and mountaineering routes and a nubmber of still unclimbed summits. Highest point of Kyrgyzstan and the farest northern 7000 meters summit - Pobeda peak of 7439 meters (24400 ft) belongs to this region. One of the most beautiful tops of the world Khan-Tengri peak of 6995 meters (22950 ft) situated here too. Colorfull, flowering and easy-to-access valleys of Kungey and Terskey ranges containg natural hot mineral water springs and have excellent trekking, hiking or horseback trekking opportunities.

  Many ancient cities existed here along the Great Silk Road before the mongolian invasion and their ruins still contain many secrets. Stone inscriptions up to 6 thousand years old are spread around the region and can be easily viewed in Cholpon-Ata Open Air Museum of Petroglyphs.

  And ofcourse in the center of the Issyk-Kul valley the real treasure of Kyrgyzstan and the whole world wonderfull lake Issyk-Kul. This lake is set on 1600 meters (5250 ft) over sea level. Despite the hight the lake never freezes and contains some salinity (~2%) very equal to human plasma that keeps the water very clear and comfortable for swimming. Local people believe in curitive possibilities of the water and you will believe it when you meet this healthy people.

  In autumn villages are full of fruit trees pointing their branches to the ground under influence of colorfull and juicy apples, apricots and cherry. Local fruit is famous far around as it grew in completely unpolluted region.

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