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  To the southeast of Bishkek, among the Tian Shan Mountains, in the highlands of Kyrgyzstan lies the province of Naryn. An amazing territory of wild beauty with snow-capped peaks, picturesque valleys, gorges and an abundance of wildlife. Bordering China in the south, Naryn region being the largest in Kyrgyzstan and probably the economically poorest part of the country.

  Naryn region is not a small place - let's say it is larger than Switzerland. Perhaps more than anywhere else, this feels exactly "Silk Road" country with its huge open spaces, wild hills, lakes, and the magnificent mountains.

  Despite its large geographical size, the population of this oblast is only about 250,000 - nearly all of them original Kyrgyz people, most are desperately poor without so much of the Russian influence seen elsewhere. It is therefore said that this is Kyrgyzstan at its most "authentic".

  The climate is sharply continental, and in fact this is the coldest part of Kyrgyzstan, Ak-Sai valley- The north pole of Central Asia located in this province on the way to Torugart pass. Winter lasts for 6-8 months here and the temperature might easily decrease till -50 C but in the spring and summer the mountainsides are covered with wild flowers.

  Despite the cold winters and strong winds, the Central Tian Shan has been inhabited since ancient times. This is indicated by ancient buildings (Tash-Rabat) or their remains (Koshoi Korgon) found during archeological expeditions. Also one of the main brunches of the Great Silk Road crossed Naryn region to China over Torugart and San-Tash passes.  

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