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  Batken region is located in the very south-west corner of Kyrgyzstan almost completely enclosed by Uzbekistan and Tajikistan borders. There are still many territories that both Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan pretend to own and it built a very coplicated border system when some small uzbek lands are enclaved on kyrgyz territory. The largest being the Soh enclave which belongs to Uzbekistan. Border with Tajikistan here lies on the top of Alay mountains and well protected by military professionals. The administrative center is the town of Batken.

 There is not much information about this region. It used to be the part of Osh region before it was split on two regions in 1999. The region is the proud owner of some of the most technically difficult peaks of Central Asia located in Ak-Suu and Karavshin valleys. As most of the peaks are close to state border you might be required to obtain permits and procedure can take a time so you should start preparing yesterday. There are also a number of sites of history and antiquity scattered throughtout the region.

  Local curative sour apricots are well-known in Central Asia.

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