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  The largest lake in Naryn area is Lake Song Kul, lying at 3016 metres amongst steppe vegetation. It is 29 km long, 18 km across and 13 metres deep. The lake is home to countless wild geese, ducks and other waterfowl. It is one of the loveliest spots in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by alternating white peaks, staying on the shore you can easily count the sheep on the opposite side of the lake. The lake's colour changes from violet to dark blue to pink, depending on the time of day and the weather. There are no solid buildings in this area - shepherds come here in June and stay in yurts all summer long.

   Only plase to find a place to stay here is a tent or, so called, "Yurt Inns" where you will be provided with sharing accomodation in yurta and traditional meals.

Aliases: Son-Kul, Sonkul, Son-Kol, Sonkol, Songkol, Songkul.

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