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(Cutting the strings of a young baby)

  Tusho'o kesu'u is a Kyrgyz tradition, which is held when the child is one year old, and he just begins to walk. Wishing the child's future steps to be better and faster, or just wishing him a bright future, happiness and success in everything his parents cut a sheep devoting it to him an organize a big toi (party). They invite their relatives and neighbors.

  The rule of the custom is as follows: after the guests have had a meal and given "bata" (blessing for the child) to the child, his parents invite the guests to the race competition for children. They tie up the child's legs with a white and black striped wool cord. The children race from a certain distance. The first and second winners have the right to cut the cord and walk with the child taking him by his arms. The first winner is usually given an expensive present and knife with which he has cut the cord. The second and third winners are also given presents. The other participants are given sweets, various toys etc. the children whose tusho'os (cords) are not cut are said to be unlucky in their future life.

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