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  Naming a newborn child and giving "jentek" on the occasion of his birth is one of the Kyrgyz traditions. When a child is born, his name is to be announced loudly to all the people. According to the shariat, this rite is called "Asan chakyru'u'. Once a name is given to a baby, it should not be changed during his entire life. They say that if the child's name is changed all the benevolences sent him by Allah will go to others with the same name.

  In honor of a newborn child parents hold a toi (feast) laying a table with a plenty of food on it and slaughtering a sheep. Right after a baby is born, he is bathed and fad a little. A morsel of melted butter is prepared in advance for "jentek" (feast on the occasion of the child's birth) and is put into the baby's mouth. It is called "o'ozantu'u" (feeding). The same melted butter is used for "jentek". It is mixed up with sugar and oatmeal and set out on the table laid for the "jentek". Nowadays, a newborn child is given a name chosen by people close to him. But according to the old tradition to name a baby by "asan chakyru'u" is still considered to be the right way.

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