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  No'oruz is the favorite holiday of the Muslim people of the Ancient East. The roots of this holiday were established many centuries ago. The Eastern people celebrate No'oruz in spring. It lasts two weeks and begins on the 21st of March - the day of the vernal equinox - when ancient people made sacrifices to the sun. this day is the first day of New Year for Muslim people. As the old story tells us, during No'oruz people usually stopped fighting, forgave each other, and opened their hearts to kind, pyre and good feelings. Also Kyrgyz people burnt out the branch of "archa' (fir) and smoked own houses as well as all members of the family. This ceremony helps to keep away all disasters and misfortunes. All people wear new clothes and prefer gaudy colors: red, white and blue.

  Traditional dish of No'oruz is "Sumolok" - porridge made from wheat, barley and millet. Parents give gifts to their children, close friends and to each other. Rich people usually give money, clothes and food to poor people.

  In the evening (especially in the villages) it is tradition to get the fire going and jump over it. It is a symbolic purification that helps to clear heart and mind. No'oruz is also a holiday of prayers. In the old days people usually prayed for crops, good luck, health, peace and happiness so that the coming year will be fertile and generous.

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