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  A vast territory on the southeast of Kazakhstan with unspoiled nature, abundance of wildlife and vegetation, known for its Singing Sands and Beshatyr Saka burial mounds.

  Singing Sands-two mysterious 100 metres high dunes, that under influence of west wind produces an astonishing sound reminding an organ.

  Burial mounds of Beshatyr Saka - is a unique historical site and the only place in world there such burial mounds can be met.

  These are the huge artificial hills, 17 metres high and 100 metres across dated to the Iron Age and served as a graves for members of Saka royal families. From the top of the hill, the one can get a fascinating view on Ili river. Red and white rocks of Altyn Emel turn the valley into very colourful scenary.

One day excursion to Altyn Emel

  Aliases: Altin-Emel, Altyn-Emel, Barkhan.

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