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  One of the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan. Before 1930 this area belonged to Kyrgyzstan, but after some grounds exchange between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan the territory of Shahimardan moved to Uzbekistan. The history of Shahimardan connected with the name of Hazrata-Ali, the brother in low of prophet Muhamad. There is also a version that one of seven possible graves of Hazrata-Ali placed in Shahimardan. Shahimardan from Persian language means The Ruler of people, which is correlated with the name of Hazrata-Ali.

  For some time Shahimardan had the name of Hamza-Abad in honor of Hamza Hakim-zade Niyazi - the poet and dramatist who put a great contribution in uzbek poetry development. Having very progressive views he has a number of enemies, and in March of 1929 he was killed in the age of 40 in Shahimardan. In 1960 here was built the museum and mausoleum of Hamza and in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his birth here built a new museum and a monument of this talented person.

  Just 7 km away from Shahimardan there is Kulikubbon lake or Blue lake. It is appeared after several appalling earthquakes in 1766. The lake is measured 170 metres long and 60 metres across. Presently about 10 metres deep at it's deepest and sits 1724 metres above sea level. It is one of the most popular rest spots in Fergana valley. To get there the one can take 2 km long lift.

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