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  The mountains in the south of the country offer good trekking. There are high peaks for those wanting a challenge, while easier treks can be done in the foothills and on the plateau. The best time to go is between March and November.

  Tours are available for cyclists of all levels. Easier rides can be done in the Ferghana Valley and around Tashkent, where lake and mountain scenery can be enjoyed. The more experienced cyclist might prefer to take the Silk Road from Tashkent via Lake Aidarkul to Khiva.

  There is skiing slopes in the mountains above Tashkent. The deepest caves in Asia are in Uzbekistan at Boi-Bulok (1415m/4641ft) and Kievskaya (990m/3247ft). These are suitable for experienced cavers only. Beautiful gypsum formations can be seen at the Kugitang cave, while the caves of Baisuntau contain mummified bears and those in western Tian Shan feature underground rivers and lakes. Rafting and kayaking are possible on the Syr Darya, Angren, Ugen, Chatkal and Pskem river, the best time being Sep-Oct.

  The best place to experience Central Asia is in the oriental bazaars. An amazing large markets of Tashkent and Samarkand offer goods ranging from herbs and spices to Central Asian carpets. In the Alaiskyi Bazaar in Tashkent, it is possible to buy decorated Uzbek knives. Remember that there is a usual risk in large busy place of pickpockets, beggars and bag slashers.

  Silk is still produced in the country and well-priced silk fabrics can be bought at large department stores. Many museums have small shops which sell a variety of modern reproductions and some original items. It is possible to buy carpets and embroidered wall hangings. Bukhara is famous for its gold embroidery, and visitors can buy elaborately embroidered traditional Uzbek hats.

  Visitors should be aware that it is illegal to export anything more than 100 years old or items which have a cultural significance.

  Business Hours
  Most of stores are open from 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., although a few open from 7:00 a.m. to midnight and a very few 24 hours a day. As a rule, grocery stores and supermarkets work Monday through Sunday, but some specialized shops can be open Monday though Saturday. Most of the stores work without lunch breaks, but some can be closed from 12:00 p.m. till 1:00 p.m., or from 1:00 till 2:00 p.m. Offices tend to have business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.

  In most stores and businesses, plan on using cash. Don't expect shop owners to keep a large amount of change, so you better break large bills before shopping. Sales Tax is included in the price of all retail goods. Some large supermarkets and butiques accept credit/debit cards.

  Bazaars are the outdoor markets where offering just about anything that is available for purchase at much lower prices than shops. Bazaars can be huge, medium and small in size. They can be found all over the country, in every village, town and city. As a rule bazaars are crowded, muddy in bad weather and bag slashers, pickpockets and scam artists proliferate. Bazaars, however are the best value for buying almost anything (food, home supplies, personal hygiene stuff, etc.). Some are specialized such as the car market (cars, car supplies, different kind of machines, etc.) and animal market, and some bazaars are simply known for providing the best prices for certain things.

  Bargaining is normal at the bazaars but is rarely practiced in shops except for a very few privately owned ones. Sometimes foreigners get charged more than the locals, especially if they don't speak the language, so in this case it makes sense to bargain, however in most of the shops you can find price labels on each product. In most cases merchants will quote the going rate without trying to rip you off. In any case, a little research before making a final decision will help you to save some money. Here is an example of a bargaining session:
Customer: "How much are your peaches?"
Sales-person: "20 sums per kilogram!"
C: "It is too expensive!!! I think they are worth, like, 16 sums!"
S: "No way!!! My peaches are the best!"
C: "Alright, man! I will buy peaches from that other guy!"
S: "OK. Wait. Don't leave! I will give them for 18 sums!!! This is the cheapest you can get this kind of peaches for! Deal?"
C: "Well, I think it will work for me."

  It is hard to know when the seller is being honest about a price or when they have said a higher price hoping you will take it. A surprising number of people selling food and other products say the price they want to sell and item at and do not want to bargain. So the best is to simply know how much an item should cost and stick to paying that price. And it is sometimes hard to bargain hard with a grandma selling peaches when you know that for her one som is a big difference. Shopping is fun here, full of both good and bad experiences, expect both.

  There are a lot of stores where you can shop for many things, but prices there are higher than at the markets. There are a number of drug stores ("apteka"), bookstores, kiosks (small shops with a variety of drinks, cakes, cookies, gums, liquors, cigarettes, etc), clothing stores and other stores.

  Refunds generally don't exist. If you're not happy with a purchase stores might let you exchange it for something else, but you won't receive money back. Some private merchants at the bazaars are more flexible and willing to satisfy their customers, but when buying you should ask if the product can be can exchanged.

Film Processing
  Film processing is prevalent in stores, supermarkets, as stand alone businesses and subways. They are easily recognizable and carry signs like "Kodak", "Fuji", "Konica", etc. The shops also carry cameras, films, frames and other things you need for picture-taking.

Quality varies dramatically, and even the most professional processors do not tend to treat the process and negatives with care expected in the west.

  This is becoming more customary.

   There are a variety of theatres, concert halls in Tashkent, which show everything from European operas to traditional Uzbek dancing and music. The prices are low by Western standards; shows generally start at 1800. There is also a number of themed Western-style bars, restaurants and discos.

Concert Halls
Concert hall
Tashkent State Conservatory Tashkent,31 Pushkin St.,
Tel: 133-5274, 133-5568
Turkistan Concert Hall Tashkent, 2 Alisher Navoi St.,
Tel: 139-1425, 35-71-00
Bakhor Concert Hall Tashkent,5 Mustaqillik Sq.,
Tel: 139-4004, 133-5025
Friendship Palace Concert Hall Tashkent, Halklar Dustligi Sq.,
Tel: 144-5607, 45-92-51
Zarafshon Cinema and Concert Hall Tashkent, 17 Matbuotchilar St., Tel: 132-1652
The Uzbek State Philarmonic Society Tashkent, 11 Uzbekistansky St.,
Tel: 133-4643, 133-3769

Navoi State Opera and Ballet Theatre 28 Otaturk St., Tashkent,
Tel.: 133-9081 (sales),
133-22-22 (deputy director)
Performances start at 18:00,
on Saturday & Sunday at 15:00,
Day Off - Monday,
Vacation - July.
Academic Russian Drama
Theater of Uzbekistan
Tashkent, 24 Otaturk St.,
Tel.: 133-8165, 133-4210
Check programme
Alladin Theater Tashkent, 5 Mustaqillik Sq.,
Tel.: 139-1303, 139-4707
Check programme
The Ilkhom Experimental Theater (Russian) Tashkent, 5 Pakhtakorskaya St.,
Tel.: 41-22-41, 41-22-52, 41-43-24
Fax: 189-0046
Performances start at 18:00.
The Mukhimi Theater of Musical Comedy (Uzbek) Tashkent, 187 Almazar St.,
Tel.: 45-16-33 (administrator),
45-49-41, 45-42-11
Performances starts at 18:00,
Saturday & Sunday at 17:00,
Day off - Tuesday,
Vacation month - August.
The Gorky State Drama Academic Theater (Russian) Tashkent, 28 Khamza St.,
Tel.: 133-8165 (sales)
133-4210 (administrator)
Performances start at 18:00,
Saturday & Sunday at 17:00,
Day off - Monday,
Vacation months - July, August.
The Hamza Drama Theater (Uzbek) Tashkent, 34 Navoi St.,
Performances start at 18:00
Youth Spectators' Theater (Russian) Tashkent,56 Navoi St., Performances start:
Saturday at 17:00,
Sunday at 12:00.
The Uzbek State Puppet Theater Tashkent, 1 Afrosiab St.,
Tel.: 56-73-95, 56-73-98 (sales)
Performances start at
11:00 and 14:00,
Days off - Saturday, Monday,
Vacation month - August.
Tashkent State Musical Comedy Theater Tashkent, 12 Volgogradskaya St.,
Tel.: 77-86-11, 77-83-54
Check programme
Operetta Theater Tashkent, Chilanzar, Kwartal 2,
Tel.: 77-84-92, 77-85-29
Check programme
Russian Theater for Children Tashkent, 55 Alisher Navoi St.,
Tel.: 44-10-83, 44-00-88
Check programme
The Abror Khodoyatov State Drama Theater Tashkent, 3 Uighur St.,
Tel: 144-1372, 144-1354
Check programme
Satire theater Tashkent,16 Navoi St., Tel.: 41-05-50 Check programme
The "Sin-San" Korean studio-theater Tashkent, 51 Khamza St.,
Tel.: 133-4185
Check programme
The Uzbek State Philarmonic Society Tashkent, 11 Uzbekistansky St.,
Tel.: 133-4643, 133-3769
Check programme

Disco clubs
Disco club
ALADDIN Tashkent, 5 Mustakillik Sq., Tel.: 139-1951
DUTCH CLUB Tashkent, 1 Tadjikskaya St.,
Tel.: 137-6358 Fax: 34-45-62
IMPERIAL Tashkent, 60 Katartal St., Chilanzar-6
Tel.: 78-92-75
STAR PRESTIGE CLUB Tashkent, 34 Akhunbabaev St.,
Tel.: 132-1266, 132-1331

Abba American and European cuisine Tashkent, 65 Pushkin St., Tel.: 137-0381
Allegro Italian cuisine Tashkent, Hotel Intercontinental
107A Amir Temur St., Tel.: 120-7000
Amudaryo Italian cuisine Tashkent, Hotel Sheraton Tashkent
15 Amir Temur St., Tel.: 138-3000
Aristocrat International cuisine Tashkent, 4 Abay St., Tel.: 41-02-09, 41-21-43
Astoria International cuisine Tashkent, 85 Nukuskaya St.,
Tel.: 54-49-68
Aladdin International cuisine Tashkent, 5 Mustakillik Sq.,
Tel.: 139-1951
Al tair International cuisine Tashkent, 32 Matbuotchilar St.,
Tel.: 133-1424, 136-5309
Almaz International cuisine Tashkent, 17 Matbuotchilar St.,
Tel.: 133-6944
Al delphin International cuisine Tashkent, 3 Malyasova St.,
Tel.: 133-1301, 133-1808, Fax: 34-04-00
Ariran International cuisine Tashkent, 22 Shakhrizabskaya St.,
Tel.: 56-51-89, 56-72-69
The brasserie International cuisine Tashkent, Hotel Intercontinental
107A Amir Temur St., Tel.: 120-7000
Bombey Indian cuisine Tashkent, 2 Uzbekistan Ovozi,
Tel.: 133-0873, 133-6545
Chanbayshan International cuisine Tashkent, 35 Kodyri St., Tel.: 41-81-00
Black Dragon Korean cuisine Tashkent, 6 Abay St., Tel.: 144-0067, 144-0721
Cassandra Russian and Uzbek cuisine Tashkent, 1 C-1, Tel.: 133-7561
Russian and Uzbek cuisine 21 Bobur St., Tashkent, Tel.: 40-69-03
European cuisine

Tashkent, 85 Khurshida st., C-6, Tel.: 34-82-05

Dutch club
European cuisine Tashkent,1 Tadjikskaya st.,
Tel.: 137-6358 , Fax: 34-45-62
Turkish cuisine Tashkent, 30 Navoyi St., Tel.: 144-5549
European cuisine Tashkent, 65 Chilanzar -1, Tel.: 77-44-06
International cuisine

Tashkent,107 Temura St., Tel.: 34-41-83,
Fax: 45-39-47

Ilkhom International cuisine Tashkent, 5 Pakhtakorskaya St.
Tel.: 41-22-90, 41-42-24

Movie theatres
Movie theatre
Sanat Saroyi (Panorama)
Tashkent, 15 Navoi St.,
Tel.: 41-03-84
Tashkent, 53 Chilanzar St.,
Tel.: 77-35-43
"Nodirabegim" Tashkent, 12 Sharof Rashidov St.,
Tel.: 39-19-51
"Kazakhstan" Tashkent, 87 Amir Temur St.,
Tel.: 35-15-42
"Guncha" Tashkent, C 27 Beruni St.,
Tel.: 42-02-22, 42-08-80
"Dustlik" Tashkent, 37, "40 Years of Komsommol" St.,
Tel: 67-96-15
Cinema House (Dom Kino) Tashkent, 98 Uzbekiston Str.,
Tel: 45-83-33
Kino Olami Officers Central House Tashkent, 13 A. Temur Str.,
Te.l: 133-42-83, 133-50-04
Kazakstan Tashkent, Tel.: 35-24-92

Temurids Museum Tashkent,1 A. Temur St., Tel: 132-0212, 132-0211
Museum of Uzbekistan History Tashkent, 3 Rashidov St., Tel: 139-1083, 139-4425

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