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  Beshik-Tuyi - mean "wooden cradle" is a ritual celebration, related with first time putting the child to cradle. It is one of the most ancient and popular rituals in Uzbekistan. Usually the Uzbeks celebrated it on 7th, 9th or 11th day from the birthday.

  In different regions of Uzbekistan this ritual has its own peculiarities while the celebration depends on level of income of the family.

  Usually relatives of young mother provide Beshik- the cradle, and all appropriate accessories for child. In dastorkhon - table cloth, relatives wrap up bread, sweets and toys. They also prepare the gifts for parents of the child, his grand fathers and grand mothers. The cradle, dastorkhons and gifts load on camel or horse and with guests move to the fresh parents house.

  Following the traditions, the grandfather takes the cradle and carry it on the right shoulder and then passes it to his son's right shoulder, who will bring it to his wife, the mother of the child.

  In previous time to keep the thoughts of the guests free of evil, the faces sprinkled with white flavor. Then guests come into the house and take sits round the table. While they eat, drink and entertaining, in neighboring room a number of old women swaddle the child and put to the cradle.

  At the end of the ceremony guests are invited to child's room, to take a look at the child, leave the gifts and to sprinkle the sugar over the cradle, wishing all the best. That moment consider the end of ceremony and guests leave the house.

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