When you apply for Vietnam Visa USA citizens can access mail. It takes around 5 business days for the task to get over. The cost is around $100 and the steps are easy to follow. This article will give you a detailed outline of all the steps involved in applying for the visa.
1. The Vietnamese Embassy does not publish its fees on its website. This is why you need to begin by emailing them personally. You can also call them at the numbers 202-861-0737. This will help you to get an estimate price for the type of visa that you might require. There could be several versions of a type of visa. For example, a tourist visa could be of:

• Single entry for 30 days
• Multiple entry for 30 days
• Single entry for 90 days
• Multiple entry for 90 days

2. The next step is to visit the main visa application page.
3. Here you will need to indicate the purpose of your entry that should ideally be Tourism.
4. Once you are done with the form, you need to print it and attach a recent passport size photo along with the application.
5. The next step is to confirm that your passport will have a minimum validity of 6 months after your planned departure date from Vietnam. You should ideally make a copy of your passport before you mail it off.
6. You can pay by using a money order or a cashier’s check for the total price to be paid.
The Pros and The Cons
The biggest advantage of using this system is the fact that you do not need to appear in person to get the job done. The time taken is also not too much.
The disadvantage is the fact that you will have to mail your passport to the Vietnam Embassy that will incur expenses.