I like how campervans are so useful for road trips – you can eat, sleep and refresh as and when you please without waiting for a hotel or designated camping sites. The freedom to sleep under the stars and not miss a sunrise is like the icing on the cake.

Europe is probably one of the most motorhome friendly continents on the planet. The beautiful network of roads, the diversity of culture, cuisine, and language and the seamless transition between beautiful beaches to mountains is something that the avid traveler must not miss.

Most of the motorhome parking sites are close to the cities in all European nations providing you with ample opportunities to explore the city and absorb the sights and smells of the land. Even all highways are built to accommodate large vehicles.


One of the most motorhome friendly Scandinavian countries, Norway offers several options for motorhome travelers because the distance between traditional lodging sites is more and there is an abundance of nature. Some of the famed cities are:

  • Lillehammer
  • Fagernes
  • Randsverk


Endowed with rich culture, heritage, and mesmerizing beauty and awe-inspiring monuments the cities that you shouldn’t miss are:

  • Bavaria
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich and Frankfurt

In fact, it is ideal to rent a motorhome in Germany and travel across Europe as it is less expensive there.


Windmills, tulips, cheese,pottery, and canals will make you fall in love with Holland. You can park your motorhomes for free in the Dutch Aires. Most of the sites are located close to the rivers and canals.

  • Amsterdam


The land of vineyards and caviar and fashion needs several motorhome vacations because it is impossible to cover the country on one trip. A vast network of Aires de Service can be found all across the rivers, lakes, and mountains. The smallest of towns and cities are equipped for motorhome stays. All these places have the required facilities for dumping your waste water and rubbish and filling up fresh water. You can park your motorhomes even in Paris you know.