Nothing beats the heat of the summers when you wear comfortable sandals. Be it for function or fashion, sandals are a great way to keep the feet cool on a hot day. However, it is important to know that not all the sandals are equal. Some are there only for fashion and they end up leaving your feet aching and tired. It is important that the sandals that you buy are not poorly designed or ill-fitting. These sandals end up leaving blisters and soreness on your feet.

My wife got me very comfortable walking sandals from here. These sandals combine style and function and keep the feet protected. They are also cushioned which makes them comfortable to wear. The sandals are durable and sturdy and flexible that allows the feet to move easily

Most people head outdoors to have fun or exercise. Sunny day’s means hiking, picnic in the park, beach trips and weddings and this needs a comfortable pair of shoes. Those who prefer to wear sandals over other types of footwear should know that there are sandals designed for almost any type of summer activity.

It is important to know the different kinds of sandals and the features of them

Hiking sandals – these have rugged soles and straps that conch on the foot

Water sandals – these are water resistant and light weight and they protect your feet when you are doing any activity

Fashion sandals – they do not offer any real protection but are dressy and can be worn to weddings and lunches

There are a number of sandals available and shopping for the comfortable sandals can be a very confusing task. The sandals are designed for a specific type of activity and there are sandals in various colours and materials. It is thus important that you buy a pair of sandals that gives the correct amount of protection but at the same time it does not compromise on style.