What is this buzz all about? What is the big deal about safely storing sex toys while traveling? Well, there are several reasons why you must be well aware of how to keep your sex toys in good shape even when you are on the go. Most sex toys are made of certain kinds of material that cannot be simply dumped in a box and carried along. Most of them shouldn’t ideally touch each other because they could melt. If you do not want to open your bag and face a molten lump of expensive sex toys, do read this article because there is a lot more here!

Clean before and after

Even if you take the maximum amount of care while storing your sex toys, they could become sticky or accumulate dirt and dust at home. Sex toys that are porous can be even more difficult to deal with. Therefore, it is important to clean them well before packing. A sex toy cleaner is a good idea. Once you reach home, you can sterilize them in boiling water or clean them with an anti-bacterial soap for safe usage.

A dry sex toy goes a long way

Most sex toys that we love are expensive and we expect them to last a long time. However, sex toys are high maintenance and if you do not care for them from Day 1, there is no way they would last. While traveling, we tend to dump all our sex toys in a box and are good to go. If there is the tiniest bit of dampness on any one toy, bacteria would grow in there and by the time you are ready to use, they will lead to infections and might even be damaged.

Investing in high-quality sex toys that come along with their very own pouches can save you the trouble.