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  Djalal-Abad is a administrative and cultural centrer of Djala-Abad region. It is a worm town encounting little more then 100 thousantd inhabitants. Area around the town is well-known for a long time because of it's curative water springs. In the end of 19th century curative quality of local mineral water springs was confirmed by Russian scientists.

  Histoy of Djalal-Abad starts in the beginning of 19th century when Kokand Khanate erected here a fortress to keep control over the area. It stimulated growth of the village around the fortress. Main living of the village depended on trading, crafts, agriculture and providing various services for numerous pilgrims arriving to curative mineral water springs. Also Djalal-Abad was a of cattle trading center and performed economical connection between nomadic and settled communities. Russian settlers started arriving here in 70-80th of 19th century.

  In 1916 Djalal-Abad railway connection with Andijan made city open to more extensive economical system and easier accessible from remote places.

  Soviet period Djalal-Abad's history came with extended attention to medicinal waters which led to construction of recreation resort Jalal-Abad which later provided it's natural healthcare facilities to thousands of comrades from all over the Soviet Union. Also big investments were made in agriculture products refinery industry. In our days city has 50 major enterprises of oil and wood refinery, electro technical, light and food industries. Djalal-Abad has number of theaters, concert hall, cinemas, historical museum, number of cafes, bars and other leisure facilities.

  Among city highlights are building of Ayub-Bulak pool built in 1876 and Djalal-Abad resort surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Resort park offers a fascinating view on blooming valley of Kugart river with a chain of snowy mountain peaks. There are 150 water springs with different mineral composition located around resort. Spring water is used for baths and drinking that successfully helps people to recover from various health problems.

Aliases: Jalal-abad, Zhalal-abad, Dzhalal-Abad, Djalalabad, Jalalabad, Djalalabad

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