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  In the center of Almaty, surrounded by nice elm park located one of the shiniest monuments of early russian architecture- Zenkov Cathedral. It was built in 1903-06 by the plan of A. Zenkov. Being 54 metres high it is the second highest wooden building in the world built of Tien-Shan pine. The opening ceremony was held on 30 July 1907. 

  Zenkov used his own theory of architectural stability under influence of regional seismic riscs which helped this wooden building to survive in major earthquake in 1911 which destroyed or damaged about 2000 buildings in the city. The Idea was to situate main weights of construction very low and make underground part heavyer. Bent top crosses were almost only harm to the church.

  In our days cathederal successfully operates as a central city church holding russian ortodox christian services and ringing bells on special occasions.

Aliases: Zenkoff.

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