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Kazakh yurt

  Yurt is one of the best inventions of nomads that survived through the centuries without major changes. This sipmle moveble construction all made of natural materials is able to provide comfort to the owner and hospitality to guests.

  The main structure is made of wood with a use of leather strips for connecting parts instead of nails. Cage-looking walls are foldable to make transportation much easier. From outside walls are surrounded by reedscreens-alike mats. Next layer is felt which keeps the house worm and protects from rains and snow.

  Inside the yurt you can find decorated felt carpets with various patterns and many blankets and mattresses. The number of mattresses means the level of hospitality of the house. As you enter a yurt right part belongs to women while left is for men. On the womens side you can usually find kitchen things, food and babies. Mens side is usually decorated by animal skins, wearpon and hoseware. Boys are raised on women's part until they turn 10 years old when they join men.

  Kazakh yurts are usually look more flat then kyrgyz because of the heavy steppe winds ruling in most of Kazakhstan while in Kyrgyzstan yurts are taller to stand heavy rains and snowfalls in Kyrgyzstan's mountanous region.

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