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  Kazakh food was influenced by Middle East from one hand and by Russia from another but most of the traditional nomads food would consist of lamb (mutton), milk and bread (noodles). East brought use of rice and some vegetables and Russia came with potatoes and tradition of stuffing vegetables and dough.

  Most typical traditional meal that is served on special occasions or without any is meat in Kazakh manner. Boiled meat sewed in large pieces. The host cuts the meat treating every guest to dainty pieces: the pelvic bones and a shin are given to elder honorable guests, brisket - to the son-in-law or daughter-in-law and so on. To the most valued guest host gives the specially cooked sheep's head. This guest has to distribute it among those present observing a some ritual which represents the ancient custom of respect for guests - aksakals (old men), children and relatives.

Main traditional meals: Shuzhuk, zhaya, sorpa, balyk sorpa, kespe, salma, kuyrdak, basturma, manty, beldeme, lagman, plov, sweet plov, baursak, samsa, chak-cak, kurt, suzbe.

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