Most of us travel but true joy lies in the experience you have had during your travel. Here is how my travel experience turned out to be wonderful.

  1. One important thing learned was to look up for information regarding the place of visit. This helped me prioritize my travel days in visiting important sites and learning local culture.
  2. I also learned a few common phrases in the common language. This helped me make some friends and learn about the people there and how they lived. It also provided an opportunity to try out the local cuisine and to stay in houses owned by the locals. Additionally, I had the chance to benefit economically as well, since my local friends helped me get what I wanted at local rates, which was far economical than those offered to tourists.
  3. Another thing that was discovered after several trips were how to travel for free. There are so many people who love to travel or go on a vacation at least once a year. These people hold back due to monetary reasons. Here are some ways to overcome this:
  • House swap programmes
  • Volunteering or fundraising activities such as teaching English, organic farming and more
  • Be a part of the crew in a yacht or cruise ship
  • Earn rewards points and frequent flier awards
  • Carry out small promotional activities such as answering online surveys or writing reviews for hotels, restaurants or tourist attractions.
  1. Most importantly, I traveled light with only the essentials. Travelling light helped me move around with ease and tension free.

Each of us has our own travelogue to share. Always remember to share the best part of your holiday or adventure if you think it could benefit others or motivate others to pursue their travel interests.