Travelling is fun and for many travelling and going to a new place is a hobby. However, few people find many things that are very stressful about travelling. So, what are the things that one finds tedious while travelling?

  1. Getting to the destination – Everyone who is travelling must cross this obvious hurdle. Getting to the airport or the station can be stressful, especially when travelling with the entire family and kids. There are so many things to do such as planning the itinerary, getting the tickets printed, being careful with passports and packing bags for all. All this might even result in forgetfulness and might even push you to do things in a hurry. The tip here is to plan and start doing things early and systematically.
  2. Baggage – Luggage forms a crucial part in any travel. Travelling with excess and poor quality or defective baggage will only land you in trouble. Hence, keep in mind to travel light and use only luggage of superior quality while travelling. Check out the various types available from a quality luggage guide.
  3. Staff – At times, you might have to encounter incidents where you have to meet unpleasant, unprofessional, foul-mouthed and slow functioning staffs, which only adds to the on-going stress in your travel.
  4. Crowds and amenities – With the population on the rise, crowds are common almost everywhere – the market, theatre and obviously airports and stations. Wading through the crowd and having to put up with poorly designed infrastructures at certain places only add fuel to the burning fire. Moreover not everywhere are the waiting rooms and restrooms well equipped and comfortable enough to sit or rest, while waiting for the commute, though a few even charge the passengers for availing the facilities.
  5. Food and drinks – Obviously, it is not feasible to carry food and water everywhere you travel. Despite this known fact, what adds to the stress is that the cost of food and beverages at the airports and stations that are sky high, whereas the quality might let you down totally.
  6. Delays – What is worse than meeting with delays? Everything that you have planned goes haywire. Hence, while planning your trip, never make a tight-packed schedule. Rather, be prepared for certain unexpected delays.

Though all these things might make you want to not-travel, proper planning can help you overcome some amount of difficulties you might have to face during your travel.